Website update!
We´re working on the new design of roo´s website. Coming soon!

Reign Over Obscurity´s new website !
Finally. Here´s Reign Over Obscurity´s new website!
So from now, you´ll find here only infos/news about Roo & RooBand :)

Reign Over Obscurity´s album out !
We´re glad to announce our album Time Distortion is out!
You can find the stores that distribute it from this link!
We are opening soon a new website and will not mix infos anymore with RooBand.

Reign Over Obscurity´s album out soon!
We´re glad to announce our album will be released on March 30th!
You can already pre order a signed CD!

Reign Over Obscurity
The album is now being mastered. The release date TBA, will be in march. Before this, we are recording two promo video clips. Be patient and stay tuned!

Roo, interview in french!
New interview, talking guitar effects with Le Son Au Bout Des Pieds.

Roo featured in The Sound Guitar Magazine (US)!
The Sound Guitar Magazine is unarguably some the best media to find quality articles and relevant news about modern guitar players. This month Volume 12 features sweeping arpeggios lesson of Roo. See you page 74!

Here are the complete guitar tabs of Plectrum Spectrum Ep available! Don´t miss your chance to grab your favourites licks!

Ep on Australian FM!
"Plectrum Spectrum Part 1 and 2" was airplayed at Radio Fret Net. Roos love Roo and Roo loves Roos!

New review Plectrum Spectrum
Very interesting review on FI Musica, that compares both Eps.
Read the full article.

Reign Over Obscurity´s new vocalist!
..is Elias Parviainen that you may know from his band -Dreams of Rust- or from his brother, Aleksi Parviainen (Malpractice/ex. Reversion)
We started to rehearsal and rework the songs together since last spring and during the summer. Elias has a powerful clear voice and so far has exceeded our expectations in studio!

Studio update
We are still in studio, recording the last vocal parts, working on the arrangements and mix. Keep patient!

BIG review in Gitar Plus Magazine!
Indonesia´s number one guitar magazine Gitar Plus published a great article in its July issue.
It feels great to see that "Plectrum Spectrum" is welcomed worldwide.

Ep on polish FM!
Our track "Plectropolis" was airplayed at radio Radio Aktywne. Dziekuje!

Cool review in finnish!
Finnish webzine desibeli.net reviewed Plectrum Spectrum. Kiitokset!

Interview at Guitar 9
Roo was interviewed for the Webzine Guitar Nine. Talk about the new album, the band and other music related things.

Recording vocals
After some positive band rehearsals, we are back to Vuohi Studio in Hyvinkää with Tipi, Roo and our new vocalist to record the Reign Over Obscurity album vocal parts. Sounds promising so far. More news later.

Roo´s album review
French webzine Aux Portes Du Metal reviewed the album. Very nice to read, many thanks!

Roo´s new album out
Roo´s 2nd instrumental Ep Plectrum Spectrum is out! Thank you so much, all the great people who helped to make it real.

Instrumental Ep to be released soon
Beside Reign Over Obscurity vocalist search, Roo is releasing an instrumental Ep to be expected by the end of February. This new album named Plectrum Spectrum has been recorded at Vuohi Studio Hyvinkää with the RooBand and features a guest appearance of Mr. Fastfinger.

22 Nov 2013
Vocalist wanted
All the instrumental parts of the album are now recorded. Left are vocals and mix. We are still looking for our next vocalist. We want to thank all the kind offers and applications we already received. Beyond vocal skills, we must also consider long term, commitment and reliability.
Don´t hesitate to get in touch if you find a bit of yourself in this project.

18 Sep 2013
Vesku´s departure
As unfortunate as unexpected, Vesku informed us that he will not take further part of the recordings and ultimately the band. You can read the update on our Facebook page.

04 Aug 2013
Welcome to a new time!
As you can see, everything here has been reshaped around our new band concept. You can see now the official new band pictures, thanks to Tomas Whitehouse. We have also a new name:
Reign Over Obscurity

20 Jul 2013
Recording update
5th recording studio day is scheduled on the 21th of July in Hyvinkää. Vesku, Tipi and Roo in action. Tipi and Roo will meet again the 28th to record the 3 last tracks + lead guitars.

26 Jun 2013
R.O.O Live!
We hit the stage tonight at Club Liberté Helsinki, with our friends of DIP and Lakewood Experiment. Showtime at 8pm!

01 Jun 2013
Recording drums!
We´re back in studio, at Magnusborg Studio in Porvoo, for two recording days. Drums and bass parts for 6 more tracks. We will also meet there Tomas Whitehouse for the shooting of our next official band pictures.

04 Apr 2013
Welcome to new member/ vocalist
Our new loud throat is Mr. Vesa "Vesku" Mattila. Vesku is also leader of the band Final Dawn.
I know Vesku since I played some gigs with him in Codeon (back in 2006). Jaakko also played and performed with Vesku in a couple of projects, so we knew that he´d be the right tough guy we need. Welcome Vesku!

02 Apr 2013
about band updates
It is a time of changes. We are working on new material for the upcoming album, including songs with vocals. Always guitar oriented, we are willing to enhance the material with the contribution of a permanent vocalist. Roo started as "one man project". Tipi brought great improvements to our style and moreover sealed our friendship. Some fans and followers also legitimately suggested the band to reach more "non-musician" ears. We are glad to make this new step, so we refine and write material. We are going to shot soon new official band pictures with Tomas Whitehouse and perform as soon as we feel ready. The website as well needs some updates, thank you all for being patient. In the mean time, follow us on Facebook!

18 Oct 2012
R.O.O heading to recording studio
We will enter recording studio, in Orimattila, during November 3-5th for the album´s first recordings. It will be recorded in several steps, unlike Guitar Without a Cause. Some new tracks are already performed live but we´re still in the process of experimenting musical directions what work for the whole band and not rushing. What you can expect is probably tracks closer to "Heat" for the lead melodies and "Inner Strenght" for the aggressivity while having around more progressive metal and fusion tones.

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